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Festival Finalist

After 120 days, and over 300 1 min short films, the juries have deliberated and voted for the 4 top films that will move on to the final round that will stream on the Volume TV channel in the Vskit mobile app starting on February 29, 2022. The film with the most views will win.


The jury recognizes the achievement in global independent storytelling. Bold, intimate, and culture-shifting stories in a microfilm format.

“The festival selections represent the determination of visionary individuals, whose dynamic work will continue to change the culture and create discourse throughout the year,” said Dreams of Peace CEO Khaliph young. “This year’s entire program has proven that no matter the context, independent storytelling remains a pivotal tool in expanding critical dialogues.”


We would like to thank all the creative filmmakers that took the time to submit their work and we look forward to the next festival in 2023.


Dreams of Peace Film Festival

Africa is a continent of many types of people, cultural differences, and its share of conflict, yet dreams of peace remain a vision for all. The Dreams of Peace Film Festival is a way for those dreams to be told and creativity to be expressed. Blackness is the thread that weaves the souls and stories of Africans and African Americans. This one-minute film festival celebrates the connection and dreams for peace and pride for people of the African diaspora. 


The Dreams of Peace Film Festival is a mobile festival that will be shown on the Volume TV page on Africas number one mobile video app Vskit and streamed on our Smart TV channel, Volume TV on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and other streaming platforms. Filmmakers will have 1 minute to be creative, share their dream, and impact the world. 10 of the best films will be selected, and the film with the most platform views after 7 days wins a cash prize.  The festival will also host a chat session in Ayoba Africa's messaging mobile app. Filmmakers will share their motivation and filmmaking techniques.


Guidelines: 1-minute film about peace in Africa, black love, black pride, black activism,  Pan-Africanism, the black struggle, and black culture. 


Tech Specs: HD,  MP4 file, 20MB, running time 60 seconds. 

We want to make the submission process as simple as possible. Just fill out the form below make sure to include the film description, and viewing link. You will receive a confirmation email and be contacted if your film is selected. 



Film Festival Soundtrack

S.U.N. is back with a new record that is right on time! "For You Make Radiant Room" provides a sonic landscape that is soulfully political, personal, intense, inspirational, and open. "For You Make Radiant Room" is one of those amazing records that actually gives you room to breathe! and is the Dreams for Peace Film Festival soundtrack.  Make sure to check out all of S.U.N's soulful and conscious albums. 

The Official Festival Art Series by Artist Tony Strickland 

Artist Statement: The theme for this show is SMART, this acronym stands for Social Message. This particular body of work is inspired by the unprecedented events of 2020, particularly theCOVID-19 crisis and the George Floyd murder. These were seminal moments in my life and had to be documented. The COVID crisis tested my character as a person, and challenged me emotionally, physically and financially through the loss of revenue, human interaction, and the deaths of countless friends and family members. These circumstances, coupled with the brashness of the George Floyd murder and the civil unrest that followed, produced extended periods of depression and drained my spirit and energy. I knew I could not go into 2021 with the same mindset.

Enter Film Festival

Thanks for submitting!

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